Community Group Newsletter Summer 2017

Here is the latest update of recent activities from Bolsterstone Community Group (BCG)
Now that BCG is in its 15th year, it is timely to remind ourselves that one of the original and continuing aims of the group is to: “promote the well being of the people of Bolsterstone and the adjoining areas.” Recently we have seen significant changes to BCG’s membership. Whilst we are pleased to welcome several new residents as active members of the group and the committee, ensuring that the BCG and the village continue to thrive, at the same time, we were deeply saddened when some of our long standing BCG members passed away and our thoughts are with their families at this time.
Annual General Meeting
At our AGM in March, the Chair, rightly, thanked all the volunteers who had “mucked in” to help maintain the village as a place where people love to live and visit. Several new residents to the village have joined BCG’s committee and offered to help out – including painting and mending benches, trimming green areas, clearing leaves, planting troughs and baskets, keeping the allotment tidy and productive, decorating the village for the Tour de Yorkshire and attending numerous village events. Teas and coffees have been served to the masses! We are humbled by everyone’s (including our regular volunteers’) spirit of willingness and BCG’s committee says a big “THANK YOU” to all our helpers!
Once again, at the AGM we were pleased to hear inputs from local groups. We heard how one of our charitable beneficiaries, Stocksbridge Leisure Centre developed its facilities, including the swimming pools, and is now thriving – defying its critics who suggested it should be closed. The presentation about the Tour de Yorkshire from our local Stocksbridge Town Council (STC) councillor, provoked much discussion. At that early stage, prior to the event, no one knew exactly what to expect, especially with claims that thousands of people would be taking part in and supporting the Sportive, amateur event as well as the main cycle race. In order to ensure that all went smoothly “on the day”, several meetings were arranged and attended by various village groups, including BCG.
Tour de Yorkshire
The cycle race passed through Bolsterstone village, from Cockshutts to Yew Trees Lane, passing our favourite and well decorated landmarks. The Castle Inn, St Mary’s Church and the Village Hall rose to the occasion. BCG agreed to help others decorate the village with old scrap bikes painted blue and yellow, Yorkshire flags and “miles” of bunting from STC and Fox Valley. The Bolsterstone Male Voice Choir and Deepcar Brass Band joined forces, not only to sing and play on the day but also to perform at a special “On yer Bike” concert in the Church the night before. Snacks and drinks were provided by the Village Hall Trust and the Castle Inn for the benefit of cyclists and spectators along the route. Bolsterstone gave an outstanding reception to the amateur and professional cyclists. Crowds lined the route for the amateurs in the Sportive, which climbed into the village from Yew Trees Lane and then the crowds swelled to 5 or 6 deep as the police motorcade and professional cyclists in the Tour zipped through. All this was televised from a helicopter and it was a great day! Everything we set out to do was finished on time with real co-operation between village groups and individuals. STC asked us to keep the bunting in place at least until the village fayre on Sat 1st July and the consensus of village opinion was that this was a good idea because it saves time for summer fair organisers and the village looks so nice, it seems a shame to remove the decorations too soon.
Village Maintenance
Our thanks are due to the many volunteer helpers who helped give the village a facelift by clearing leaves and debris from around the front of the Church as well as repairing and repainting the village benches. Troughs, flower beds and kerbside verges always need attention, so if anyone else would like to help out – even for the odd hour – please contact us at
Committee Links
The BCG Committee continues to meet regularly and publicises its minutes and reports on the village website ( Representatives from the Church, Bolsterstone Male Voice Choir, Stocksbridge Town Council, The Village Hall Trust, Walkers are Welcome and Bolsterstone Archaeology and Heritage Group (BAHG) ensure that information is shared effectively and we meet in the Castle Inn upper room. We would draw your attention to the series of current articles in the Sheffield Telegraph, put together by Stocksbridge and Bradfield Walkers are Welcome, which describe interesting local walks. Also BAHG is glad to welcome new members and now alternate the venues for BAHG meetings in different locations in and around Stocksbridge and Deepcar as well as Bolsterstone, since the withdrawal of the bus service through the village. BAHG has a new programme of events and their next scheduled meeting is Wed 19th July in the Christchurch Community room – why not give it a go?
Thank You
We have already thanked the volunteers “old and new” but also thank Stocksbridge Town Council and the Bridge Shop for their on going support and AMEY for helping keep the village neat and donating 1000 daffodil bulbs, which we planted along Stone Moor Road.
Planning and Highways
Planning and Highways always feature on the agenda for our committee meetings and the recent proposal to build 93 new homes in an estate to be called “Royd Farm Village” between Carr Road and Hollin Busk was brought to the attention of everyone at the AGM by a BCG member. Other concerns have been received about the demolition of the buildings and mine shaft at Hollin Busk and the usual fly tipping and vehicle/trailer thefts in the vicinity. Please let us know of any concerns so that we can share them with others.
Reminders about Dates for Future Events
• St Mary’s Summer Fayre – Saturday 1st July afternoon
• BCG Christmas Fayre – Saturday 18th November, 10am to 3pm
• BCG Christmas Wreath Making Evening – Tuesday 12 December – 7pm to 8.30pm (We need to boost our supply of conifer cuttings for this event so if you know of any one with conifer strands to spare – especially Leylandii – please let us know. We can help cut them if that helps!)
• BCG Christmas Floral Decorations Evening – mid December, to be confirmed