Community Group Newsletter Summer 2018

After what has seemed to be one of the longest, most severe winters in recent times, it is pleasing to be able to communicate with members as the sun shines and temperatures are rising. Bolsterstone Community Group (BCG) membership list continues to remain constant, with new members joining regularly as they set up home around the village. Over 200 people receive newsletters by email, post or delivered by hand, keeping them abreast of recent village activities. We try to update our website regularly and this can be found at It contains minutes of past meetings, the AGM and previous newsletters, together with links to other groups more loosely connected with BCG. We try to keep members informed, especially if they have been unable to attend meetings.
Thanks from Bolsterstone Community Group Committee
We are delighted to report that the committee is now up to its maximum number and it includes a new Treasurer, who is a retired accountant. BCG committee meets at least three times a year in the Castle Inn to discuss a variety of local activities. Bolsterstone Male Voice Choir will designate another link person to BCG’s committee shortly to replace Alan Hobson. We were sorry to lose Alan Hobson from the committee – he has been absolutely unstinting in his support for the BCG in general and as the committee’s link with Bolsterstone Male Voice Choir. We thank him sincerely for all his work for BCG over the last few years. We also thank the Bridge Shop, Sheffield City Council and Stocksbridge Town Council for their funding and support of various projects and thank The Village Hall Trust for always providing such well maintained accommodation for events.
Annual General Meeting and the Defibrillator
Despite the AGM being held in March, against a backdrop of snow and ice, there was a good turnout of 50 people, who were probably keen to find out more about the installation and operation of the defibrillator, which has now been erected on the external wall of Bolsterstone Village Hall. The main business of the AGM contained reports and slides of activities organised by BCG over the last year, which, as usual was very encouraging. The “special” item following the AGM was presented by a member of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service who gave an interesting and informative demonstration of the workings of the defibrillator and told us how to use it effectively in cases of cardiac arrest. The presentation provoked several useful follow up questions from the audience – one of whom told everyone how he owed his very life to the use of a defibrillator in the recent past. Incidentally, if anyone needs to depend on this life saving equipment, it only takes a 999 call to activate a response and some on the spot advice. It was gratifying to note that a total of 14 people have offered to oversee that the condition of the defibrillator equipment is in good working order. They will each conduct a weekly visual check on it for just one month per year, so that we all know that this important device is always ready for use. We are indebted to this group of people, as we are to all the other BCG volunteers.
Planning and Highways
The BCG Committee is fortunate to have, as one of its regular link attendees, a member of Stocksbridge Town Council, who this year is also the Mayor of Stocksbridge. In effect, this Bolsterstone Community Group means that we have the benefit of input from a Stocksbridge Town Councillor who is able to field, and sometimes pre-empt our questions on local developments. Recently these have included the partial closure of Manchester Road and the diverted bus routes, due to the developments at the sewage works. Suggestions were made and actioned regarding the diversion of traffic through Bolsterstone and people’s concerns about excessive speeding through the village.
Most recently members have asked the BCG Committee to alert Sheffield City Council (SCC) Planning Department to issues around the Hollin Busk proposed development and the need to respect the Listed Building status of the Porter’s Lodge in the Bolsterstone’s Conservation Area. At the time of writing, both applications still await a decision. The “Friends of Hollin Busk” Group, several of whom are also BCG members, tell us that they will let people know of any future developments with regard to Hollin Busk. They will let us know when the date is set for the Hollin Busk Planning Meeting at SCC because they hope to encourage as many people as possible to go down to Sheffield Town Hall to attend.
The “Memory Tree”
A long standing BCG member has asked us to let people know that their family have planted a tree in memory of their parents, in a discrete area at the far corner of the Village Field. This memorial tree and the peaceful, tranquil area around it can be used for quiet reflection and contemplation by any local residents who would like to remember their own friends or relatives as well.
Village Maintenance
Now that the weather has improved it is good to see the pots, troughs, baskets and allotment plots are “blooming” due to the fantastic efforts of willing volunteers. Many, many thanks are due to everyone who helps make Bolsterstone such a pleasant place in which to live, visit or pass through. No voluntary organisation can exist without the support of its volunteers and this year has been no exception. However, we always need more help, so if you have a spare hour please contact us – your help would be greatly appreciated.
Future Events
The annual BCG Christmas Fayre has become so successful that all the indoor stalls have already been booked (however, we keep a waiting list for anyone else who would like to attend) Although it sounds a long time away, we hope you will put the Christmas Fayre date in your diary – Saturday 17th November 2018. Given the huge volume of people who passed through the Village Hall last year, we would be grateful for anyone who is available to lend a hand for an hour or two, particularly with the “Refreshments” area and the cake baking, where the expression “selling like hot cakes” was certainly evident.
• Christmas Fayre – Saturday 17th November 10am to 3pm
• Wreath Making Evening – Tuesday 11th December 7pm to 8.30pm
• Christmas Table Decorations Evening – Tuesday 18th December 7pm to 8.30pm
Bolsterstone’s famous Summer Fayre is organised by St Mary’s Church, Bolsterstone and we could not circulate our own newsletter without mentioning that it will be held on the afternoon of Saturday 7th July. It is always a highlight of village life and we look forward to seeing everyone enjoying themselves there.