Community Group Newsletter Summer 2019

Annual General Meeting

At a very well attended Annual General Meeting in March 2019, local residents and members had the opportunity to discuss various matters, which directly affect Bolsterstone, in the presence of a member from Stocksbridge Town Council (STC) and Sheffield City Council (SCC). The forum for the exchange of ideas was testimony to the positive work of Bolsterstone Community Group (BCG). Concerns were raised about parking and traffic through the village and the recent unofficial “Rave” in the Ewden Valley, which resulted in joint action being taken by South Yorkshire and Derbyshire police forces. The influx of additional committee members has led us to amend BCG’s constitution to include up to 15 committee members. These members bring their own perspective on local matters to our scheduled meetings and we are grateful for their commitment.
Also at the AGM, the Treasurer reported on a significant rise in our income from last year’s events – the Christmas Fayre and the table decorations’ and wreath making evenings. We have pledged to spend this money wisely on members behalf, on a maintenance programme to enhance the village.

Planning and Highways Matters

Our committee meetings also provide a forum for members to raise planning and highways matters affecting Bolsterstone. You will no doubt be aware, from coverage in the press, of the issue around the proposed housing development at Hollin Busk. We are still nowhere nearer knowing the date for the Hollin Busk development to be discussed at SCC’s Planning Committee. We apologise to all those who received a rushed email informing them of the Planning Committee date, only for it to be withdrawn once again by SCC, at the last minute. Friends of Hollin Busk continue to meet and lobby the relevant personnel, as do STC. BCG continues to monitor other similar planning issues, particularly those affecting the Green Belt to ensure compliance with the regulations.

Neighbourhood Watch

Following discussion at several BCG meetings, including the AGM, and requests from residents, we have registered a Bolsterstone Village Neighbourhood Watch Scheme with South Yorkshire Police. We are very grateful to one of our members and long standing resident, who has initiated this and has offered to be the Co-ordinator for the Scheme. He is in the process of liaising with officers and looking into initiatives that will benefit the residents of the village. Three areas of concern that have been identified are:
1) Identification and reporting of crime.
2) Recording anti-social behaviour ( e.g. excessive car noise/speed, nuisance from groups/individuals)
3) Reducing the fear of crime.
It is important to note, however, that this scheme is not to replace any personal reporting of crime or anti social behaviour to the Police.
The Village Scheme is in it’s early stages and will need time for it to embed and take effect and The Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator will be putting together a leaflet about how the scheme will work. Watch out for it dropping through your letterbox.
At this stage Bolsterstone Village as the area marked out by the Conservation area, and extending down Sunny Bank Road to More Hall Lane includes about 84 households, which will be part of the scheme. The Co-ordinator has already registered with the Police Alerts system, which is publicised through Facebook. It is likely that an email system will be shared by residents to loop in the local police. More details are to follow shortly.

Affiliated Groups

We hold committee meetings at regular intervals receiving reports on all things “Bolsterstone” from the Choir, Quilters, Church, Village Hall Trust, Town Council, Walking Group and Archaeology Group. They’ve all been busy whether by singing in Northern Ireland, winning awards in York, excavating at Creswell Crags, making their own espadrilles or enjoying fashion shows. We are especially grateful to STC for their reports and ongoing support. At the time of writing St Mary’s Church Summer Fayre has just ended. We thank everyone who spends time organising it and making it such a wonderful day. BCG members were happy to lend items and help out with stalls and games.

Village Maintenance

We thank all the volunteers who, working with the In Bloom Co-ordinator, continue to do a great job by planting, watering, dead-heading, painting, fixing, sweeping or strimming in order to make the village a pleasant place. The allotment looks grand and the area around the greenhouse has been improved. We have been pleased to support the Village Hall Trust. In addition to BCG buying and installing the new gate for the village field, we have commissioned a full refurbishment of the Village Hall notice board. We hope this will be well used to keep everyone abreast of activities in and around Bolsterstone and encourage more people to hire the Village Hall. We are sourcing recycled materials to maintain village benches and discussing compost bins with the Church. We are very grateful that STC have agreed to give the public toilets, and the interpretation board outside, a facelift. The defibrillator, on the Village Hall wall, continues to be regularly checked.

Future Events

Although it is still the middle of summer, every stall for BCG’s Christmas Fayre has been booked and paid for – although we do keep a waiting list for anyone who would still like to attend. Many schools are already booking the time slot for their choirs to sing in the Church on Christmas Fayre day too. The date for this year’s Christmas Fayre is Sat 16th November 2019, from 9.30am. As usual we would be extremely grateful if you could help out in any way.
It has been agreed that we will hold the Wreath Making Evening on Tuesday 10th December from 7pm and once again please let us know if you have any greenery we could use – Lleylandi, Holly, Ivy, and variegated leaves are just some of the things that contribute to making lovely Christmas wreaths.
The increasingly popular Table Decorations’ Evening will be held a week later on Tuesday 17th December, also at 7pm.

  • Christmas Fayre – Saturday 16th November 2019, 9.30am to 3pm
  • Wreath Making Evening – Tuesday 10th December 2019, 7pm
  • Table Decorations’ Evening Tuesday 17th December 2019, 7pm

Thank you to all BCG members for the support that you continue to give to the group. We hope you enjoy the rest of the summer.