The Bolsterstone Community Group homepage has been completely redesigned and updated in 2012 to present more up-to-date information about the events and activities that happen in our village. Some of the content from the old website hasn’t found its right place in the new website, but for posterity all information from the old website has been kept. This is what we have transferred from the old website:
Village Diary:

  • » Archive 2008-2010
    Village Action Plan June 2004:

  • » Priority 1: Roads and Traffic
  • » Priority 2: Environment
  • » Priority 3: Heritage
  • » Priority 4: Community activities
  • » Priority 5: Community Safety
  • » The most recent version is available here: Village Action Plan November 2012
    Any other material that you may have found on the old website but which isn’t in this section is in one of the other sections as an integral part of the new homepage. Just use the main category links above to navigate your way through our page. This is also where you find more recent entries from the village diary.