Action Plan

Following a European initiative, rural parishes across the country have been compiling village and parish action plans. Bolsterstone has been included in this process along with its neighbouring villages most of which lie in the Parish of Bradfield. Each individual village has produced a separate resident questionnaire, analysed the results and produced action plans. An action plan is a simple way of defining a strategy to see something done about the issues that matter most to YOU.

Bolsterstone Village Appraisal Group, a sub-committee of Bolsterstone Community Group, began this initiative and, since then, the Group Management Committee has continued the process. The action plan was first published in June 2004 and distributed to all Bolsterstone residents. Bolsterstone Community Group, other local groups and statutory service providers continue to work in partnership in order to implement this action plan. This should lead to access to new funding and improvements in facilities and services for Bolsterstone.
Read the latest version:

  • » Bolsterstone Village Action Plan April 2013 (pdf document)
  • » Bolsterstone Village Action Plan – Completed Tasks (March 2009) (pdf document)
    The original documents are kept in our webarchive:

  • » Action Plan June 2004
    The idea is that this will be a working document, and as progress is made projects can be ticked off and new ones begun! If you would like to get involved with the implementation or have any further comments or suggestions, please contact: Bolsterstone Appraisal Group on 01142 88 33 90 or email
    Bolsterstone Village Appraisal Group would like to extend their warmest thanks to:
    The residents and friends of Bolsterstone who attended the preliminary public meetings, all those who completed and returned the questionnaires, Yorkshire Rural Community Council, Stocksbridge town council and Sheffield city Council.